Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Beanie @ His Little Friend

I think I posted a pic of J with Beanie long time ago....  They knew each other before they were born and hopefully they will go school together too, just like their jiejie.

The 2 boys are so CUTE! Er-hem! (mommy not shy but that's true! Hehe....)  Today was the FIRST time the 2 boys hold hands and walked together! All of us were so excited and crowd around them (see pic on the bottom right) "Wah!" "Come come hold hands together!".....  I was also busied snapping pics & videos of the boys.


jean said...

Jane, i totally understand your feeling when u see both cute boys holding hands.. i love to see Job holds other kids' hands or his sister's too

very adorable!

Blessed mum said...

so CUTE!!!!

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