Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beanie @ 18 Months Old

I'm very happy with my little Beanie, what he is able to do so far!   Almost everyday, I see him picking up new words or new motor skills and not easy for me to keep track of everything! I love to see him smile!  Like what my gal said, how to get angry with him when he smiles like that? 

@ 18 Months
♥ He knows how to turn on & off the TV on his own.  Whenever he wants to watch TV, he tells me "BOB" and sought of like ask for my permission to turn it on.  That means I can spend a little more time on my chores.

♥ FIRST time told me he pooed in his diaper on 4th August! Since then, he will tell me whenever he poo!

♥  He is able to pee in the toilet most of the time before shower.  Will take a step at a time, don't want to rush into toilet-training him.

♥ He used to only use the magic clean to help me clean up the house, now, see what he does!  He tries to 'mop' the floor!

 ♥  He loves music or musical instruments! He plays with harmonica, recorder (jiejie's) and piano.  He dances whenever he hears music!

♥  I have downloaded a few games/flashcards apps for him on my mobile phone and he is beginning to enjoy it.  But his favourite would be watching "Bob" from my hp. Here's a video of him 'singing' Bob theme song (that I recorded last month):

♥  He has this habit of cleaning up whenever we finishes dinner.  A video here to show you what I mean:

♥ Another habit of his is that he MUST buckle the belt of his chair once he comes down from it. 


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