Thursday, August 05, 2010

Bento #215 - L's Lunch

In the box:  Sausage baked rice, golden kiwi, quail eggs & grapes.

My girl is very 'ang moh' when comes to eating (sometimes).  When we asked her what she wants to eat, she said spaghetti, mac & cheese etc. Last night, she asked me to prepare baked rice for her bento.  I was happy! That means it was a one dish meal for lunch for the rest of us. Hehe.... I need not go to the supermarket too since I have all that I need to prepare the meal.


Angeline said...

*giggle* so true! One-Dish-Meal it is for us too....

Blessed mum said...

let's shake hands! Both R & C loves western meal too :)

i love your quail eggs! how u manage to cut till so nice!!! u r fantastic! thought of publishing a bento book? I sure grab lots!

Losty said...

I love your creations! Followed ya =)

LZmommy said...

Angeline, Hi 5! :)

Blessed Mum, that's why our kids can click so well ;)

Haha.... U must be joking! I'm a novice lah, how to publish? There are so many pro bento mommies out there! :p

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