Sunday, September 25, 2011

Beanie @ 31 Months

My 31 months old baby enjoys pretending to talk to someone over the phone.

Last month, I remembered I was sort of 'complaining' about his behavior and this month, he seems to be slightly better and more sensible too.

One evening (28/08), Z was struggling to finish his food (coz he doesn't like the veggie and our house rule is that we don't waste food, so he had to finish it) and was throwing temper, hitting the back of his hand on the table.  Beanie has finished his dinner and was seated next to him having his fruit.  He tapped him gently and told him "gorgor, don't hit table. Hand pain pain. Eat all." After that, he told me what happened.  I thought that was very sweet of him to encourage Z to finish his food.
Beanie with one of his fire engines

He is into birthday song & birthday cake now. He loves watching the video on how to make fire engine cake. He often pretend one of his fire engines is the cake, places a smaller one on top to be the candle.  Then after singing the birthday song alone or with us, he 'blows' the candle and give out the 'cake' to us. It's just so cute to see him doing all these.

Beanie loves the bedtime routine with LZdaddy.   He loves to listen to Papa's story telling, for instance tonight, he requested for a fire story.  When papa said it, he gave suggestions to papa how the story should be too.  Usually after story telling, they sing together and without fail, they sing "old macdonald has a farm".
♥ He's so funny!  All of us were watching TV and he wanted to block us from watching by standing in front of the TV, not knowing that it was higher!

Songs he likes: Bingo, ABD, Korean song "Sorry sorry..." & Justin Bieber "Oh baby"

♥ He likes to ask "What you doing?" "What happen?" Often, after we tell him, he says "Oh... Bean bean help you?" Even when we watching TV, he asks questions. Like tonight, I was watching CSI and he asked "Mama, what aunty doing there?"

♥ He is able to count in Chinese 1 to 10. When daddy was counting with him, he said "papa, no!  Bean bean try!"  (he wants to do counting on his own)  One of things that I love what he does is he often wants to try doing things on his own.  "Bean bean try?"

♥ His favourite food: Soba!
♥ Last month, he was a samurai.  This month, he is a policeman!  Thanks to 3rd BIL, he bought him the toys and he loves it. When we are out, he insisted to have all these with him so he can catch the bad guys!  Haha.. 
♥ One of his favorite past time: Puzzle!  Besides fixing it, he learns counting too.
♥  Here's 2 videos of us going through the Chinese flashcards while waiting for LZ. He sounds so 'ang moh'! First video recorded on 01/09 & 2nd video on 13/09.

♥ Efforts paid off!  This is the first card he recognises without me asking.  馒头!(20/09)
♥ He was so happy when he did it!


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