Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Paper Plate Fishes

A very simple craft for Beanie as I just started it with him.   He was so happy when I told him we will be doing painting.

You need:
✽ paper plate
✽ paint
✽ glue
✽ eyes for fishes ( you can use marker to draw)
✽ glue
✽ staple (to staple the fish tail)
✽ decorative material for the body
 Beanie's fish.  He painted it all by himself! LZ helped him to cut & stapled it. He chose what he wanted to be on the fish.
 Z's fish.  He didn't colour it green (his fav colour) because he wanted his baby bro to have that colour (baby bro's fav colour for now).  Sweet! 
L's fish.  Did you noticed the lashes on the fish eye?  She added it coz she said her fish is a she!  So cute! 


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