Wednesday, April 18, 2012

SYF 2012 - Central Judging Of Choir

L's FIRST time took part in SYF (Singapore Youth Festival) and the last year she will be involved in it (it is held once every 2 years).  She was very nervous and excited about it and have been practicing the song everyday at home.  Tot he extend that both her brothers know how to sing those song! Haha... 

I got the ticket through L's teacher some time ago but wasn't sure if I could make it.  So glad I was able to make it there with Beanie and it was so kind of the staff to allow me to bring him in.  A lollipop kept him busied throughout.
The kiddos did so well and they got Bronze this time.  One of the mommies that I spoke too agreed with me that they probably lost out on the compulsory song.   The other 2 songs that they sang was superb!  Even the teachers was quite confident that they will do better than 2 years ago... Nevertheless, we are all so proud of them!   Well done Choir!  Proud of you my girl!
This photo was taken during one of the rehearsal (thanks to PSG).


Karmeleon said...

I have a girl who was in choir too! For 10 years from Pri to JC! 4 SYFs for choir plus 4 overseas competitions.

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