Sunday, April 29, 2012

His Resting Place...

It's all over...  Papa is at his resting place now.. Very peaceful & quiet...

It was a emotional period for us, as well as my Ma.  But I know we have fulfilled all his wishes.  To move into the new house..  To see everyone he wanted to see..  It was sad for us to see him go but we know he is no longer in pain, gasping for air..

For the past 5 days, my little ones without fail will go to him and greet him..  I didn't teach them that, they did it on their own.  I teared whenever they do that.  This is the first time my kiddos encounter death (apart the death of Zhuzhu) of loved one. It is exam period now and it was tough for older ones.   They wanted to stay throughout the day at the wake to keep 公公 company but we adults think it is better for them to attend school.   It is revision time and we are sure he hope they will do well.  Beanie was with me throughout.

Papa, we miss you...  I'm sure you are with my little Angel now...

Thank you to all our friends who came to the wake and also for those beautiful wreaths.  I would also like to thank bloggers that I've come to know and eventually become true friends. Eileen, Grace and the couple Angeline & Allan.


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