Friday, April 06, 2012

TCA Junior Chess Open Championship 2012

I think this is by far, the best competition organiser to date.  There were ample seats for parents, lunch was provided for the kiddos and coffee/tea throughout the day for everyone including parents.  It rained throughout the day so we appreciate the hot drinks even more.  Besides that, there was entertainment at the end of it!   Clown performance!  Kids were thrilled and most stayed back regardless if our kiddos win anything.

L played in the primary C (U12) category and Z played in the primary B (U10 or U9) category.   There was 176 kids for 3 category and more than half was rated players!  I didn't realise till today (for this event) that regardless of which category you play for, you could face anyone from any category!  I hope the organiser will review this for their future competitions.

We were only allowed in the function for the first round.  But no lack of photos for this post!

LZ in Round 1...

There wasn't many table for the kiddos to have their meals.  So the kids had to either wait for someone to finish and take over the table or having their meals the way my girl did with her friends.
 Since he was doing quite well, I allowed him to play with the handphone.
 Kiddos had ice cream which were provided by the organiser.  See how happy the kids were! 
Z was very nervous when he knew his opponent for the 6th round was Charmaine,  who is my friend, Michelle's girl.  We already knew she's a very good player.  He told me he will try his best to at least get a draw and he did.
 LZ with Rachel & Charmaine
 Clown performance before the prize presentation.
Overall, I am very proud of my kiddos' performance today!  Both faced 3 or more rated players.  Especially Z, he broke his record of having more than 4 points! And at least they were not right at the bottom of the final rankings.  Their final ranking were 94 (L) & 45 (Z). Well done babies!
They both faced the same rated players!  First time it happened!

L's Result: rating performance:1289

Rd 1 (bd 25) - Dominic Augustine Chong (1219) lost
Rd 2 (bd 82) - Wong Kai Wen won
Rd 3 (bd 33) -  Sanjuth Gunasekaran (1129) lost
Rd 4 (bd 73) - Jerome Wong draw
Rd 5 (bd 62) - Wong Yuanchi won
Rd 6 (bd 44) - Claire Ng (1076) lost
Rd 7 (bd 60) - Zachary Siay won

Z's Result: rating performance: 1336

Rd 1 (bd 84) - Aron Choo won
Rd 2 (bd 43) - Lau Yu Yang (1135) lost
Rd 3 (bd 62) - Ryann Cheah won
Rd 4 (bd 41) - Chan Wei Kiat (1117) lost
Rd 5 (bd 55) - Alexis Low won
Rd 6 (bd 40) - Charmaine (1107) draw
Rd 7 (bd 35) - Claire Ng (1076) won


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