Wednesday, January 03, 2007

1st Day of School

I was very glad that DH was able to arrange to be with us for their 1st 3 days of school. That means I don't have to do any running. I decided to be with Z on the 1st day and DH will be with L as I can handle Z if he is grouchy.

Both were excited when they put on their new uniforms. L said she loves it coz it was a dress and Z likes his coz it was a shirt with buttons that he can try to button it himself. That was a good start.

Z was very shy when he arrived.... Mrs Lee, his form teacher was very friendly and she managed to coax him to join in but he wanted me to join in and so I did. I would say he did very well on the 1st day, paying attention when teacher was talking. He seemed to be the pet in the class and I think he was the youngest too. He enjoyed himself more in the classroom than in the assembly hall. I managed to video down the whole process ( parents were allowed to join in for the 3 days). How glad I was that we have a video cam. Time passed very fast, before we knew, it was end of lesson. It was only 90mins of lesson for the 1st 3 days.

DH told me that L was very shy too but she has made new friend! There was this new girl who was brought up in Japan, and L immediately click with her since both were new. They were asked to introduce themselves and L did it very well.

I asked L how was her class and her teacher, she said she likes her new teacher, Mrs Leong and her new friend. I'm looking forward to meeting her teachers and her classmates the next day! When we reached home, I asked if they would like to go to school tomorrow, they said "YES"!


kelly said...

So happy to hear that your two little darlings have enjoyed their 1st day of school!Z's a Dec baby right? He'll always be the youngest in his class...:p Qianyi was the youngest in her class last year. Now her ex classmates are in N2 already while she's still in N1...and now she's no longer the youngest because she was born in Feb. :p

Jan said...

The kids are marvellous...they have done you proud!!! kekeke

huisia said...

Thumb up for them! Not like my Jo, everyday says doesn't want go to school..

Wokking Mum said...

Glad to know they love school!

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