Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Last Day Of 2006

We didn't do much on the last day of 2006... L & Z had fun playing at the playground at Pasir Ris park. Thereafter, we had dinner with Boon's family at the beach cafe. It was disappointing that godparents were not able to join us.

We planned to stay longer but they probably don't welcome young guests at that hour as the music was blasting away. We had to leave when the 3 little ones can't take it anymore. We were lucky to see partial fireworks from our house and the kids were all excited. They asked if they can go there to see it "live" next time. Well, that they will have to ask daddy.... :) 爸爸,以後有煙花表演﹐你該知道怎麼做啦。

We finally bought their new school shoes, new water bottles and they had a hair cut too.... They are ready for a brand new start and looking forward to it!

Happy New Year To All :D


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