Friday, January 05, 2007

2nd & 3rd Day Of School

Today I was with L .... I was disappointed that teacher did not allow me to join in the class as she said it is better to let them adjust to it but I was allowed to stand outside the classroom. I understand it and I explained to L. I wished that I had joined her yesterday, to video her 1 st day at her new school. Haiz.... I can't spilt myself into 2...

She was with sitting with a few girls and they were making small talk before teacher starts. Teacher showed them the different section of the classroom and tell them what they were supposed to do when they come into class. I was told that they will be doing assessment to see their standard as there was new students in the class. I hope she will be OK as I have been doing it with her at home.

DH was with Z... Daddy feels proud to be the only daddy in the class with him as the rest were mommies. Z 'glued' to daddy throughout! Probably he knew that daddy will not be in school everyday and Z must be very proud to have him around. Hehehe....


Unfortunately daddy had a urgent meeting and he can't make it to the school today. I had to run to both schools to make sure that they are alright. L was very sweet, she said it's alright that I stayed with Z coz she's a big girl. Thank you my girl.... I sent L to her class first and I stayed with Z for half hour before I went over to check on L. She was doing her assessment and having a great time with her new friends and teachers. When she was not sure, she approached the teacher for help. I'm glad she ask when she doesn't know. The teacher doesn't pushed them to finish their assessment in a day hence they are doing it again.

I went to back to Z's class to check on him. I am proud of him! I didn't have to stayed with him in the classroom at all! I stayed outside and looked through the glass and I saw that he was enjoying too. It was tiring to run to and fro but when I see that both my kids are adapting well, it's all worth it. :)


kelly said...

So get to see how your kid's doing in class. Qianyi's school doesn't allow parents to stay for a while. We just hand over our kids to their teachers at the entrance. When the door is closed, we can't see what happens inside.

LZmommy said...

Only on the 1st 3 days that we are allowed to stay with them.
You mean you can't see from the window? Sometimes if I pick them up early, I will try to peep but the school discourage that as we will distract the kids. So I had to find out from LZ what they did in school.

kelly said...

No windows for me to peep...

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