Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Zoo Trip

Aother great trip to the zoo. They bid farewell to Inuka....


kelly said...

The weather's been very bad recently, raining everyday.. It's hard to have any outdoor activities. Hope to bring Qianyi to the Zoo again. Kids love animals. :p

Jan said...

I was begining to wonder where you went!?! kekekeke.....

so sad leh, no more polar bear liao hor....i didn't even get the chance to bring them...weather too lousy these days.

MyBabies said...

Weather has been bad lately.... We were glad that day the weather was good and we decided to go the zoo.

Hehehe... Me has been too busy to update. I draft out the posts and was busy to upload the pics.
I read that the weather will only be better by end of this month :(

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