Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beanie @ 19 Months

Beanie @ 19 Months:

Beanie loves music!  He often climbs on the piano chair and play on the keyboard.  Recently I bought him a drum set and he enjoys it too! He will probably request to learn musical instrument when he is older, just like his brother.

 ♥  He grabs hold of anything near him and starts showing us funny sides of him.
♥ His favourite spot in the house would be sitting by the window in our bedroom.  He enjoys looking out from the lower window.

♥ He loves to help not only me but his siblings too.  He usually helps to carry their bags especially Z
 ♥ Lately, he likes to pose like this!  My little vain pot! I have lots of pics of him posing this way.
 ♥ Pretend/role play is something that he enjoys most now.  He puts his stuffs (toys/books etc) into a bag and pretends that he is going out.


Angeline said...

Very soon the boys will play on the musical instruments and pretty L will dance to the music. Wahhh Mommy, you will be so entertained then. *smile*

I love Beanie in that hat!!! Soooooooo adorable! Do you have a photo of him in the hat and doing that 'vain pot' pose? Must be super cute!!!

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