Wednesday, September 22, 2010


"Mommy!  When are you going to buy lanterns for us?  You know, mooncake festival is coming soon?" ......  My kiddos have been 'nagging' at me to get them lanterns and so, last week I bought each of them one.  I wanted to get those traditional lanterns (using candles) but daddy doesn't like the idea of his kids playing with fire. L & Z took quite awhile to choose what they want but not Beanie!  He is 'crazy' over SpongeBob (or any character with the name BOB. Haha... ) that he chose Patrick instead of Mickey Mouse.

In the evening, I brought the kiddos down to the playground and had fun with their lanterns.  I'm sure you know how 'noisy' it is with these new lanterns! Haha.....  I have not one but THREE! So tempted to remove the batteries but I gave up....  They were so happy playing with it.


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