Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beanie @ 23 Month Old

Beanie with his favourite green pj 

That's the smile I get nowadays.

On the 13th Jan, after more than a week of attending school, Beanie finally walked into the classroom with his teacher willingly, no resistance at all. What made me so happy was that he waved bye bye & kissed me AND no crying at all! Yippee! 

This month, is not too good for us, everyone except Z, are taking turns to fall sick with high fever..   First it was Beanie, LZdaddy, me then now L is having high fever.

@ 23 Months Old

♥  (17 Jan) His 2nd word with 2 syllabus - MONEY!

♥  He likes to pout his lips lately.  Sadly, I couldn't get a shot of him doing that.

♥  We caught him him once eating ice cream quietly outside my bedroom when the rest of us were inside.  He opened the fridge, took the ice cream (our fav: Magnum) and tore the wrapper all by himself!  I was too busied cleaning him up that I forgot to take a pic of him!

♥ He loves to drink soup just like his siblings.

♥ (9th Jan) Beanie 'sang' a song to me for the first time! Even though I'm not so sure what it was, it was the sweetest song.  Think it sounded like "twinkle twinkle little star"

♥ By now, he is able to recognize some of the colour: green, blue, red, yellow (ellow), white and pronounce most of it correctly.  Green was the FIRST color that he recognized. Whenever I let him choose which colour t shirt he wants to wear or the bowl, he will go for the green.  Looks like green is his favourite colour for now.

♥ He likes to 'help' me with the washing of cups & plates (plastic ones).  To the extend that, he pours out water from his sipper cup and 'wash' it!

This video was meant for last month update but I forgot to post it.  He is able to self feed, messy though...


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