Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love it....

It has been a busy period for us... A few more days before CNY and we were still doing last mins shopping and cleaning up.

BUT I am happy! NOT that I like the cleaning or the last mins shopping.

✿ Love to see our family put in effort together to clean up the house.
✿ Love it when we have a break/meal after a whole day of shopping.

taken on 28 Jan 2011
✿ Love it when one of us try on new clothes and the rest of us gather around and give opinion. Even my little one would say "美美!"
✿ Love it when the brothers played together while waiting for 姐姐. And want to buy similar clothes.
✿ Love it when I see little one combing 姐姐's hair
✿ Love it when LZdaddy offered to carry all the shopping bags and shower for little one at the end of the day.

I was extremely tired.... Once, I almost dozed off while having our meal when we were out (due to medication). When I think of what we have done together or 'achieved', it put a smile on face and it perks me up.

Yes, I LOVE my family! More than anything else...


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