Friday, January 07, 2011

His FIRST Artwork From School!

Yay! Little one brought home his FIRST artwork from school! Look at little hand prints, so cute isn't it?

Every Friday, Beanie will bring home his file bag, it contains what he does for the whole week. This week is the first week! We went through the file together and he was excited when he saw what he did. This give me the opportunity to encourage him to learn to tell me what he did in school. He may not be able to tell me much now but given more time, I hope my little Beanie will be able to do that.

Beanie & I have to wait for more than 45 mins at LZ's school everyday. What does he do? He munches his snacks! My little boy has good appetite! The teacher told me he has been eating 2 bowls of rice/noodle (for the past few days) and after school, he still wants to eat! *faint*


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