Sunday, May 29, 2011

RSAF Open House 2011

We had made plans to go to RSAF Open House before Beanie had the accident.  Even though doc advised no outdoor activities for him, so as to avoid pigmentation.  We decided to go ahead IF the weather was good and we won't be staying long at the open house.  We were so glad this morning the weather was fantastic!

Midway through the activities, Beanie's bandage came off.  I was glad that the First Aid was within sight so we approach them.  They didn't have the small bandage for him, so they cut it small and carefully put it on for him.
One thing LZ complained was the queue was long!  But it was worth it when they got to explore the cockpit.  Apart from that, they played games, watched air shows and had a close look at the aircrafts.


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