Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beanie @ 27 Months

@ 27 months old: 

Little one is very 'protective' over me (or my things) or anything concerns me.  For instance, once Z took my drink from me and immediately Beanie said "No!  Gorgor!  This is Mama!" This happened on 28th March.  Yeah, this was long overdue coz I totally forgot to mention it when I wrote his 26th months update. He also doesn't allow anyone to 'bully' me. We all know that and yet at times, we like to 'tease' him.  Daddy pretends to hit me and I cry. He scolds daddy and hug me. Isn't he sweet?  Love the way he frown when he is scolding them.

Many times, we often decide what to get for Beanie from bakery stores or from coffee shops (when either one of us is out to buy it).   But it has changed from one incident... (5th May) We were having dinner when Daddy called to ask what we want from the bakery.   LZ and I told daddy what we want and we hung up the phone.  I didn't think of asking him coz I knew daddy will definitely get one for him.   He looked up at me and said "Bebe?" (we called him Bean Bean or Bebe)  What he meant was "What about me?"  I felt really bad.... How can I not ask him? He often decide what he wants to wear or eat (when we are out together) and yet over the phone, I didn't let him decide it himself.  BAD mommy!  I apologised to my little one and immediately called daddy.  Over the speaker, daddy asked him what he wanted and he said "Waffle!"

Just wanted to record a little conversation we had before feeding him:
B: Mama, I want 奶奶。
Me: Which one?
B:  This one! *happily pointing to his favourite side.*

Yeah, I'm still breasfeeding my little baby.  Not sure when I will stop as I'm still enjoying the bond that we have.

♥ He knows his body parts in Chinese, which I mentioned it before but only managed to record it recently.  Now he is able to say most of it except 头发.  Here's a video:

TV programmes that he likes now:  Mickey Mouse, Captain Oso & Elmo.   He gets very excited when he hear the Mickey song.  We have to stop what we are doing and dance with him.

♥ he likes to pretend he's on a train. Sometimes, LZ help to set the chairs in a row and they have all their soft toys going on a train ride with them, or we queue behind him.  When we are ready, he says "All on board!" and off we go!  Choo choo....

♥ He able to tell me more now.  "I don't want it." "I want nack (snacks)." etc...  And also tells me a little of what he did in school.  Eg. "painting" (shows the action with his hand moving up and down), "Kick ball."

♥  He likes to pretend he's a monkey! And makes the sounds too! So cute!

♥  Apps that he likes now:


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