Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day....  Which means exams is round the corner....  Nothing is more important than coaching my kids, even that means not going out to celebrate Mother's Day.  Babies, having you with me everyday is like Mother's Day.  Anyway, we had a little a celebration with my in-laws' family last week.

My kiddos were looking forward to Mother's Day.  They listed what they planned to do for me today

♥ read script
♥ Beanie dance
♥ I (L) sing
♥ Z plays piano
♥ we dance
♥ massage mommy & daddy (how sweet of them not to forget to 'reward' daddy too)
♥ get ready to go out

They prepared the cards some time back, they even 'helped' Beanie. He doodled on a piece of paper and L helped to write his name. Love it! The yellow card was from Z, he drew everyone on the card and pasted some shapes on it. Love it! My girl folded a heart shaped card for me, sweet isn't it?  She learned it from her classmate and decorated it with glitters.  Love it!

Love all the cards that my kiddos gave me and the wonderful performance they did!  Thank you my babies!  Mommy loves you all! Muack!


Blessed mum said...

L is so sweet! I'm sure she will be a vy good mummy like you when she grows up.

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