Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

It's my Daddy's birthday.... It has been some time since I mentioned about him in the blog.  He has not been the same ever since the stroke and Mom is taking care of him full time now.  He looks so fragile now... Wished I could do more for them....

Dad was very happy my little ones were there to celebrate his birthday. He was all smile when they sang birthday song, blew candles..... He has not been the same ever since the stroke...  He was once a strong man who doesn't need someone to dress him or help him when eats.   He was so down and feeling helpless.  Then one day, my Dad started going to church and read bible everyday.  Faith has made him a stronger person now and give him hope. I THANK GOD for that!  Both my parents are baptized since Christmas 2009!

Happy Birthday Dad.... I love you & Mom always.


Angeline said...

Its always wonderful to hear loved ones accepting Christ. Happy Birthday Uncle! He is in good hands...

Blessed mum said...

Happy Super Belated birthday to uncle!

So is it time for both of you to join them and us in this Big Family of God?

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