Friday, July 29, 2011

Bento #273 - Raincoat Girl

Another rainy day again but instead of making soupy lunch or porridge, I made this!  It started to rain this morning when I sent Beanie to school and he wore his raincoat so that gave me the idea to made this little girl with raincoat for L.

Beanie's breakfast this morning....

Had a minor accident this morning at Beanie's school, one of the mommies reversed her car without checking, I horned at her and yet she continued.  There wasn't any space for me to reverse further and so she bumped into my car... Haiz...


Angeline said...

Aiyooooo, your Bento skills really have no limits man! Its like a painting. So pretty!

So how? Did you ask for compensation? Did she argue with you even though she was at fault?

LZmommy said...

Thanks Angeline :) 你太抬举我了! :p

She didn't argue with me. It was a little dented and I told her will check with the workshop first. In the end, I forgot about it and only remembered after I withdrew Beanie from the school :p

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