Friday, July 29, 2011

My Lovely Sweetie

 I am very blessed and thank GOD for a beautiful daughter, not only that, she is of great help to me.  She may be only 10 (in December) but she is mature for her age.  At times, I have to tell myself that coz I expect more from her and go overboard with the expectations.  I set a higher expectation of her coz her brothers look up to her and learn stuffs from her.

 She dotes on her brothers, filial, helpful, caring etc... The list goes on & on...  Of coz there are times she drives me NUTS!  But when I think of the things she did, I forgive her and again, I have to remind myself she is only a child...

We love spending time together. ♥  Sometimes both of us sneak out when the brothers take naps and daddy is around.  It may just be going to the mall or supermarkets, but we treasure the times we have together.

I love it when she shares 'secrets' with me.  I hope she will be more than just a daughter to me...  I hope she will treat me as her good friend as well.  I'm very glad that she shares it with me, be it mischievous in school or who she likes in school.... I long for a daughter, even before marriage and to have such a relationship with her and am glad it is like this now... ♥

She is such sweet talker and a very thoughtful gal.  Every other day, I will receive compliments from her.    Isn't she lovely? ♥ "你是我的肚子里的一条虫" That's what I always tell her (and likewise too), she often knows what I am thinking through my eyes or my actions.  Yeah, I don't have to tell her what's I have in mind.  She loves to hand made stuffs for us too and often use recycling stuffs, that shows she love the environment.
Her relationships with her 2 brothers are similar but yet quite different, maybe because Z is about her age and Beanie is much younger than her.  Nevertheless, she dotes on them and she never fails to show her affections to them. ♥  Perhaps sometimes, in a different way.  She gives in to Beanie all the time but not Z. And yes, they do fight! I mean literally fight!  Sometimes I give up being a mediator, I would open the door and tell them "You guys want to fight? Go out and fight!"  That actually stop them from fighting!  Haha...

When Beanie wakes up (on weekends), very often she will prepare easy breakfast for him, like cereal with milk or whatever he ask for that she is able to do it.  She also helps him pack his toys or read books with him etc.

For Z, they chat very often especially before bedtime, confide to each other, play chess etc. I know she loves him because of the things she does.  She writes notes to him, keep him company when he's scared and she even wrote a song for him!
Best Bro

We might fight almost everyday, I may call you names, but I luv ya but I donno how to say it so I'm singing it to ya....  We have war everyday.  I'm so sorry, I jsut donna how to control my temper....
But I wanna tell you, you are the best bro in the whole world, you are the best bro one could wish for.... Whoa..... (X2) You'll shine!!
I'm so sorry I mocked you.... I luv ya bro....  You should be famous for being such a good boy.  And when we are having 'war', I look into your eyes and can tell you really wanna stop.
(Chorus X3)
Something that I have to note down... She was selected for a leadership programme at the beginning of this year (think was around March), but my dear girl thinking that the time clashed with her swimming test and told the teacher she didn't want it. Haiz...  From what I know, this is a very good programme and the teacher definitely sees the potential in her.. It was too late when she told teacher she changed her mind.

In school, she is doing pretty well, getting along with her friends but still talking too much.  She was also appointed as monitor for certain subjects (different subjects has different monitor).  We know she can achieves better, even the teachers say that.

Recently, she completed her NAFA test and she got a GOLD! It is something like a sport test, running, standing broad jump etc...  Well done my girl!

Sweetie, mommy wants you to know that I love you as much as your brothers.  Having 2 younger brothers doesn't mean my love for you is any lesser. You are forever mommy's little girl and I love you so much Sweetie... 


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