Friday, July 22, 2011

Swimming Update - Z

I have been to the pool to see Z's progress for quite some time...  Felt very guilty... Most of the time, my friend will fetch & send Z for me.  Coz during that time, Beanie needs his afternoon nap.   Today, LZdaddy was at home and I was able to leave Beanie with him.

Z was extremely excited & happy!  Even his coach noticed that!  I knew he would be happy but his response was more than I expected...  I realise now that my presence at the pool means so much to him..  So sorry my baby, mommy should have been there more often.
I am very happy with his progress after watching him today, especially when I see how enthusiastic he was.  My boy, mommy will try to be there as often as I can and I am so proud of you to be able to swim a lap without stopping at all.


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