Monday, July 25, 2011

Beanie @ 29 Months

Little one has been helping with simple chores besides using magic clean or placing used cups/plates in the sink.  Now, he is doing more than that,  he helps me out when I take out clothes from the dryer.   Even though I can handle all of it, I often pretend I need his help and he loves it when he knows he is helping me.  Once he puts down the clothes, he calls out to his sibling, "Gorgor! Jiejie! Come! Fold!"

He still likes to use the magic clean to help me clean up, hope he is as helpful as now when he grows up.  The other day (13/July) when I saw him using it, I asked "Beanie, cleaning the house?" He said "Yes! Help Mama!"  Love his enthusiasm!
Beanie is so cheeky nowadays... Think I mentioned it before (too lazy to read the past posts), Beanie likes to play with utensils.  Once (29/06), he was playing with the utensil which I needed then, I call out to him.  He quickly put it aside and came to me.  I pretended that I didn't know he put it away, asked him where it is and told him to show me what was in his hands.  He smiled cheekily at me and said "Nothing mommy."  Haha!  He thought I didn't know and had fooled me.

@ 29 Months

♥ He pout his lips like this quite often

♥ he is able to speak in sentences, 4 to 5 words.
♥ he has the habit of clearing stuffs away even though he wasn't the one who left it there. Once I was in the rush at somewhere, he insisted on clearing the messy place before we go.
♥ ( 9/Jul)  He is able to count from 1 to 12 in English without my help.
♥ (10/Jul) He is able to wear his shoes, actually he has been doing it in school (according to teachers)  but whenever I'm around he rely on me to help him.

♥ he likes to play cooking toys, so glad I didn't give away L's cooking set.
♥ when we reach home (most of the time), he will arrange our shoes this way.  (last month I mentioned that he likes to align stuffs)
(10/07) He said " Help Bebe open." when he is unable do it.


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