Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beanie @ 30 Months

He's wearing his favourite character singlet, Fireman Sam.  

Don't they just love sitting on the floor at this age?  And also insist on doing things the way he wants it? Yeah, terrible 2 or 3 stage... He is as stubborn as an ox, his horoscope says it all.   Regardless, he is so adorable that he often gets away with it.  With his siblings & daddy of coz!  Hehe... He is very persistent baby. If we have told what was our plan, he will insist we do it. For instance, I told him I will read a particular book with him and I will have to do it.

He loves watching Fireman Sam & Postman Pat. It's easy for us to get DVDs for Pat but not Sam, I'm still trying to get more for him. Meantime, he watches it on youtube.  He also like to watch 'Mr Bean' (cartoon).

♥ he loves to 'draw'.  Once (13/8), when he was trying to drawing something,  he said "bebe try" when I wanted to hold his hand to draw.

♥ He can count 1 to 20 in English but often misses out on the number 13.

♥ (7/8) Taught him to count 1 to 10 in Cantonese.

♥ (8/8) When I'm talking to 外婆 on the phone, little one asks her "po po, buy cake for me ok?"

♥ After every gym lesson, he gets a sticker. So he likes to say "go gym, got sticker!"

♥ (28/7) Sitting on the floor, insist on fixing back the cover for the bucket before he's willing to go.
♥ (29/7) Having fun at the exercise area

♥ When he couldn't catch me while playing catching, that's how he behaves (30/7).  And this is mild...
At times, this is the kind of behavior I get when he doesn't get things done his way (4/8).  He insisted on going down car when it was raining, to pick his siblings up. Yeah, as stubborn as an ox!
OK, another video of him insisting going to the playground but it was too hot (16/8).  Actually, his temper is not that bad, he behaves like this when he is extremely tired and wants to nap.  Most times, he falls asleep after crying for that few minutes.  Normal days, if I explain to him, he's fine or I will distract him with other stuffs.
♥ When he sees that I am angry with him, little one apologise...  Love the way he says "Sorry sorry mommy!" 

♥ My little 'samurai' with his 'sword' tucked nicely behind his diaper.  Yeah, he uses the train tracks for that.
♥ He likes the storybooks, "Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs".  So at times, he walks around with his bucket too, mostly filled with his cars & ball.

♥ When the weather gets too hot, he request for waterplay.  He loves it!


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