Monday, August 08, 2011

National Day Outfits & Farewell Gathering

My kiddos in their National Day outfits for school celebrations.  It is also Beanie's FIRST time celebrating in school.
My cheeky babes want me to take these shots of them

Farewell Party 

BY & SM will be leaving for UK & US for their further studies soon... This evening, their cousins organized a farewell BBQ for them. Simply love the bond these nephews & nieces have.  L will definitely miss having SM around, she's often chat with L.  Z too, will miss BY...  He's one of them that inspired him to join Chinese Orchestra and Z said he hope to be like BY, on scholarship and made his parents proud.  Don't get me wrong, they love the rest of their cousins too.  Beanie is well loved by them too and because of BY, he got to play with 二胡 for the first time.

Here's a group pics of most of them.   Noticed the trolley?  They 'saboh' the 2 of them!  They were 'forced' to push the trolley hands in hands, pushing the trolley back to the supermarket.  With many of us making so much noise in the public!  Haha... I shall not post the video here, don't wanna embarrass them  here.
All the best BY & SM!


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