Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bento #282 - Elmo

In the boxes:  Rice wrapped with nori, minced pork & fish paste patties, prawn tempura, broccoli, grapes & orange.

Today's bento didn't take up too much time except when I was trying to get the right size for the elmo's features.  For the elmo, I used carbsticks, carrot, fishcake & seaweed.

Few days ago, my older babies were talking about having another baby!  Can't believe they are still talking about it when I have made it clear that mommy is too old to have another one.  Kids!!  I should have recorded it, even though their wish will not come true, they sounded so cute and serious.  They even gave an example of one of our friends who gave birth at that age! Haha... 


sunshinensunflower said...

Haha...... I know what you mean. Kids are lovable but to have another baby is like a nightmare to me !

Imagine starting all over with the diaper changing etc. Faint !

LZmommy said...

Haha... Yes Grace :) I can't imagine going through all that again :p

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