Saturday, November 05, 2011

Children's Day Chess Challenge 2011

When I signed my kids up for this competition, I knew that it will be very tough.   My kids are relatively new to competitions and especially big ones.  Just hope that they don't get zero point, knowing that they would be very disappointed.  Seems like I always worry about them getting zero point!  Hehe...   Anyway,  what was most important was they had fun (despite a little dispute) with their friends!  Afterall, this competition is for Children's Day!
 We were very early and the hall was very empty so took a few shots of my kids.
 During the lunch break, L played with her good friends, R & C.  Z played with the 2 Ds and read books.
 I always like to take pics of my kids while they are competing.  So focus!  See those men behind?  They are the veterans!
 One of the upsetting rounds for L..  She was supposed to win but somehow she ended up taking the other color piece (that lost).  A BIG lesson learnt for her.  She was probably too nervous & excited when she knew she was winning.  Hugs hugs my girl...  We were so happy the round after that, she beat a girl in 7 moves!  Yeah, she was pissed coz she lost a point earlier!
During one of the breaks, this uncle played with Z.  He was very happy when uncle said he was good but too bad they didn't have time to finish the game coz the next round was about to start.

L's results: 

Rd 1 (bd 57) -  Tin Jinshun (1217) lost
Rd 2 (bd 60) - Hee Wei Yang (1112) lost
Rd 3 (bd 63) - Lin Chen An (1062) lost
Rd 4 (bd 67) - Sneha G Jaya (1092) lost
Rd 5 (bd 72) - Thiam Jingting Vernice won
Rd 6 (bd 66) - Winston Ho lost
Rd 7 (bd 71) -  iti Melkote (from India) won

See the chart?  Most of her opponents were rated players!  Out of 144 players, L was ranked 135.  Well, at least she's not the last. Hehe...

Z's results:

Rd 1 (bd 29) - Irwin Chua (1021) lost
Rd 2 (bd 31) - Andrew Aw won
Rd 3 (bd 29) - Ashwin Hariharan won
Rd 4 (bd 22) - Lee I-Shiang (1016) lost
Rd 5 (bd 29) - Keith Chong won
Rd 6 (bd 19) - Joel Ong (1018) draw
Rd 7 (bd 18) - Foo Shih Han (1052) lost

Same for Z, most of his opponents are rated players too!  He was so happy he draw with one of them!  Out of 100 players, Z was ranked 49.


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