Wednesday, November 02, 2011

My Middle Child, My Rascal.

My Rascal, the one that I am most heartache about... Every time I look at his hands, I think of those times that they have been fractured...  I feel very guilty whenever I think of it...  If I have been more careful with him, he will not have to suffer so much and having to restart his piano & swimming lessons...

Whenever daddy and I talk about our rascal, we think about those nights that he comes over to our room with his sweetest smile, just so that he can sleep in our room.  He loves it when we talk about it.   He often asks when does daddy travels overseas, so that he is able to bunk in with me.  He seldom comes to our room at night now coz his little bro sneaks in too.  Sometimes, we worry he will think that we love him less. So we often tell him that we love him no less and just that his bro is doing exactly what he used to do as a toddler.

Probably due to his injuries, we tend to be more protective towards him.   That's not good, it makes him rely more on us.  So we are gradually learning to let go... To let him learn to be more independent.

Love the way he always says when daddy is not in town, "mommy, I'm the man of the house when daddy is not around.  I will take care of you, jiejie & didi."

Unlike L, who is very sociable, Z is somewhat a very homely boy.   He doesn't have many friends as he is slow to warm up.    Given a choice to go school/church or stays at home, he chooses the latter.   Yes, he loves spending time with us.  No, he is not a mommy's boy.  If he meets someone of same interest with him, he yaks non stop.  Till now, he is unable to name all his classmates to me!  I mean the girls.  *faint*

When he is angry, he keeps quiet and write it down.  This is one of the notes that he wrote recently.  His anger is very often short lived.   Once he cools down, he will talk to me and we are always able to resolve it.   The party that is in the wrong will apologise, even it means that I have to.  As a parent, I think we should set a good example isn't it?

One of the things he loves to do is origami.  Daddy bought a few books on that and he loves folding papers into beautiful stuffs.  Sometimes, his way of showing affections to us is folding origami or draws pics and gives it to us (L does that too).

In school, my 老二 is doing very well.   For 2 years, he collected all the badges as he promised.   He was very happy when he was appointed as group leader for Chinese & Math.  His form teacher thinks highly of him.

He hasn't change his ambition, that is to be a scientist.  I told him to achieve that, he will have to study very hard and he promised to do that. Of coz I hope he will be able to achieve what he wish for...

Let me share a secret here, my boy has his first crush! Haha...  A girl from his class who is very good in her studies.  Can't believe my blur sotong boy has his first crush!  He admire her for being smart and good in her studies.  Isn't it sweet that both my older babies share their little secrets with me?

Z definitely knows how to melt my heart...   He declares openly that he loves me the most in the family.   Every other day, he tells me that..  How sweet!  Like his siblings, Z also often massage for me.  Yeah, that shows how filial he is.  Not only him, my other 2 babies too.  I wonder if he will still do that when he grows up?    He also says he wants to stay with me when he get married, even though it's gonna be a long way from now,  I am touched....

I have mentioned before his relationship with his sister, they love each other, they fight and yet sometimes I see him adores his sister.  He loves his little bro even though Beanie bully him.  I often sees him playing with Beanie the toys he likes, even though he outgrow it.  Love to see how they play together... 

My rascal, mommy loves you as much as your 2 siblings.  You are forever my little rascal no matter how old you are.  Be positive in whatever you do and stay cheerful the way you are.


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