Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Withdrawal Letter

Finally submitted the withdrawal letter on the 10th Nov for Beanie.  I think he's happy coz the school has not been the same ever since his previous English teacher left.   He can't bond with the new teacher and I can't see the new teacher trying to bond with any of the kids and she has been them for half year. Some of the kiddos already left or planning to leave.

We actually plan to submit the letter only at the end of the month but we don't see the point of him going to the childcare since LZ will be at home during the month long school holiday.  I'm sure he will be happier being at home with his siblings.

He will probably miss the waterplay and playing with his good friend, Joseph.  We can arrange waterplay at home for him and meet up with Joseph since we stay near to each other.


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