Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bento #300 (2 sets) - Valentine Bears

In the boxes: Corn, broccoli, homemade nuggets, strawberries. Bears holding cut out cheese hearts. 

Didn't realise it was my 300th bento!  Time flies....  This is the 5th year (ever since L was in P1) since I started preparing bento.  I definitely have prepared more than 300 coz sometimes I prepare 2 sets identical ones or I didn't post it.

Will I continue preparing bento for them?  I don't know, as long as they ask for it, there will be bento posts.  So far, they like having cute bento.  Yes, both of them.  They often tell me when their friends are eager to see what's in the bag when they see LZ with bento bags.  Of coz they are disappointed at times coz it's just simple bento.

I thought L may not like it coz she is at the pre-teen age but I was wrong.  She will probably not like cute ones from next year or in secondary, I don't know....  I told my girl to tell me if she decided she doesn't want anymore cute ones.  My drama girl often said eg: "Oh mommy!  The bear you did was sooooo cute!  My friends said that too!"  or worst "Mommy!  So-so thinks you are crazy!  How can you make food look cute!" 

As for my boy, he told me he feels proud.  He is very happy when his friends are able to guess what was the character in the box.  He feels even better when his friends said nice things about me! "Mommy!  My friends envy me for having such cute bento!  They wish they have a mommy like you!"  (Of coz I told him his friends shouldn't say that coz every mommy express their love for their kids in different ways and so happen that one of my ways was this) Sometimes, they asked him to share or give it to them.  Awwww....  My babies are so sweeeet!  But you are stressing me too!  Haha...  That means I have to always crack my brain to think of what to make!

There are times when I am not inspired at all and prepare simple ones...  But my kids are forever so sweet, they said it's ok, as long as they have home-cooked food and they don't have to queue up to buy food.

My little one is too young to ask for any.   When it is his turn, I will also do the same for him if he asks for it.  Hopefully he won't ask for things that are too difficult for me! Hehe...  Otherwise I will have lots of white hair!


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