Monday, February 13, 2012

Random Stuffs About L & Z

7th Feb 2012 - Maths

Who like Maths besides daddy?  That would be my Z!   Z loves maths!  Often, he is able to solve the problem sums on his own but he is lazy at times.

But the problem with him is that his mind drift away sometimes when doing homework.  That's why I was delighted when I know he likes chess.  Chess supposed to help him to be more focus.

10th Feb 2012 - Missing

Z had CCA today but because he forgot to bring his 二胡,  he didn't dare to turn up at the CO (Chinese Orchestra) room!   I didn't know till teacher called to tell me he was not there.  I panicked!   Wondering what happen to my son?  I told the teacher I am pretty sure that he was in school and asked if they have checked the school compound.   To my relieved, they found him!   They paged for him through PA and he turned up at the office!   Phew!  I was so worried!   By the time the teacher called, I was already on my way to school, with his 二胡.

When he was back home, I had a chat with him.   He told me he didn't dare turn up for training was because he was afraid his CO teacher would scold him.  The training has been very intense lately...  They even assigned one teacher to coach him as they were preparing him for SYF (Singapore Youth Festival).

13 Feb 2012 - SYF

Officially received the letter from school that Z is selected to represent school for the upcoming SYF!   Being new in the CO, I was surprised that Z is selected! No wonder they have a teacher assigned to coach him personally.

It was a triple joy coz L will be representing school too for Choir!   Besides that, she is appointed the choir leader (since beginning of this year)! Yay! 


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