Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lunar New Year Chess Fiesta 2012

This is the first event that LZ participate that was held in the mall.  I wasn't very keen honestly but the kids want to and it was to support Philip (the organiser).  Well, for the fun and to be with their friends, I signed them up.  I thought it wasn't a good idea as there's too many people walking around the mall and it will be a distraction for my kids.

 While waiting for the first round to start...
 Chatting & playing with friends that he knew through competitions.
 Caught him playing hand game while waiting for the game to start.  That means he was getting restless.
 Now you know why I said it's a distraction.  Parents were all standing too close to the tables. 
 My dreamer....  Probably thinking what to have for dinner! Haha... 
 What a surprise!  L was the RUNNER-UP for the girls! 
My girl was so happy to have such a big trophy!   Well done girl!

My boy did not want to take any pic after the event...  He was very disappointed that he did not win any medal.  He can't understand why jiejie gt a trophy when she won lesser games and he knew he would have if he had not blundered the rounds that he shouldn't have.  I explained that for girls, they have lesser players (in most competitions).  It's ok son, just do better at the next competition. ♥ Z was in the 10th position for U10.  Actually he did pretty well.

L's result:

Rd 1 (bd 5) - Jeremiah Xie (1131) lost
Rd 2 (bd 8) - Harshita won
Rd 3 (bd 7) - Glen Chan (1068) won
Rd 4 (bd 6) - I Shiuan (1089) lost
Rd 5 (bd 5) - Aiden Lau (1135) lost
Rd 6 (bd 8) - Brendan Goh lost
Rd 7 (bd 10) - Ian Ho lost

Z's result:

Rd 1 (bd 4) - Royce Tan (1200) lost
Rd 2 (bd 12) -  Russell Tan won
Rd 3 (bd 6) - Sneha G. (1076) lost
Rd 4 (bd 11) - Daren Huang won
Rd 5 (bd 6) - Sanjith (1129) lost
Rd 6 (bd 10) - Keith Teo won
Rd 7 (bd 8) -  Brendan Goh lost


Angeline said...

I would be jumping for joy, if I, at L's age can get such a big trophy!
You know, kids always like 'big big things'....errrr... except for iPad I guess? *laugh*

LZmommy said...

Haha... Yeah, kids like that! :D I think they would like ipad too, bigger screen to play games ;)

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