Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Pictures taken at the buffet restaurant where we celebrated our Valentine's

At the buffet restaurant, most tables were filled up by couples or couples, not at our tables.   It didn't bother us but I wondered if we did bother them.  Hehe...  We had a wonderful meal and the kids enjoyed taking their own food.

I have the sweetest & most thoughtful kids!  Feel so loved by our little ones!  They made these vanguard sheet crafts for us!  Z learned paper cutting during one of the recess (the PSG conduct random art & craft during recess) and did this for us.  And L, she has lots of ideas!   Cutting out small colored papers and did this big heart!  They bought it few days back and told me it was for their art projects and I believe them!  My cheeky little ones.
We are blessed.. ♥ 


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