Saturday, May 12, 2012

Her FIRST Pay!

Couple of months ago, L auditioned for the Okto programme,  Okto Knockout All-Stars.   She was selected!

She went for the recording today... She had the opportunity to film with Gurmit Singh & Haikel.  "It was awesome!"  that's what she told me when we picked her up.   She was assigned to Gurmit's team and had lots of fun with her new friends even though their team lost.   Good exposure for her, as she got to see how recording was done.  She said she feels like an actress coz they put on light makeup for her and do up her hair!  Haha... 

Below are some of the photos from Hoods Inc. Production.  Thank you for the photos!

At the end of the show, she was given an angbao.  Not a big one but it was her very FIRST salary! And her FIRST time appearing on TV!


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