Tuesday, May 29, 2012

P5 School Camp 2012

L left for her P5 camp yesterday (28/5 - 29/5)...  Miss her even though this is not the first time she's not with us for the night. I know she will be able to take good care of herself and she has always been very independent.

She told me it used to be a 3 days 2 nights camp but changed ever since kiddos (boys) cried for mommy and parents complained it's too long.  Whattttt?!  She's not too happy about it. Well, explained to her some kids are just too attached to their parents.  Personally, I don't mind my kiddos going for camps.  They learn to be independent.  At the camp, they have to wash their dishes and so on.  Of coz I will miss them and I know they will miss me. But I know they are in good hands.  Why not?  Probably kids nowadays rely on helper too much?!  Anyway, this is my personal opinion.


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