Thursday, May 24, 2012

Picnic By The Beach

When daddy coming home late from work or when he's not in town, we often have picnic by the beach.  There are times where I find that I have more things to prepare and clear (when back home) and so tempted to say no to my kiddos.  But since they like it, I give in.
This evening we had dinner by the beach again.   What I've prepared today:  Baked rice (it was still very hot when we were ready to eat!),  bread, blueberries & ribena!  Simple and yet makes my kiddos happy!  Happy kids = happy mommy!
They ate quite fast so that they can have time to play.  While eating, we saw a few stray dogs!  We panic!  We were ready to drop everything and run for our lives!  Hee...  That's what I told my kiddos.  It seemed like they were coming towards us!  They probably smell food!  Gosh!  I was so worried!  Thankfully, they were attracted to some birds and ran towards their direction.   But our eyes were still on them till they are almost out of sight.  This was the first time we saw stray dogs in this area..

Finally, we could eat in peace and kiddos had some fun before it was time to head home...


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