Friday, May 25, 2012

Beanie @ 39 Months Old

Totally forgot to take pics of my boy today...  Will have to use the pics taken this month..

@39 Months Old
♥ His fav spot in the house now - my bedroom (next to bed), which used to be part of the balcony.
♥ He is very close to the brother now.  Whenever he wants to play toy or watch video, he wants Z to be with him. 
♥ (10/05) He spilled water on the floor and have to initiative to clean it up.  Well done baby!
♥ His favourite pj.  Besides comfy, he likes the colours too!  Often name me the colours on it.
♥ Little one now the legs are long enough for him to sleep like this in daddy's car.

♥ (29/4) little one is very sweet..  At my dad's funeral, he saw my mom & I crying.  He said "don't cry alot ok?" And hugged me.  His innocent talk also brought tears to my eyes.  "Why 公公 sleep inside (the coffin)?"

♥ (9/5) While we were getting into the house, Beanie complained Jiejie hit him.
B: Mama, jiejie hit me!
L: I never hit you!  I'm only playing with you!
B: Don't say never!  Say didn't!

He remembers what I taught him.

♥ He is doing well in school and able to name some of his classmates.  His bestie is Dylan.
(11/5) He told me one of the girls hit him while they were playing catching game. He didn't inform teacher so told him next time he has to.  Glad that he is able to tell me what's happening in class too.

♥ (12/5) 哥哥 took a spoonful of his food without asking and he was angry.  "Ask me first then you eat!"  He is someone that follows rules and often remembers what I taught him.  He remembers I told him when you take something that belongs to others, you must ask.

♥ (20/5) When he saw the Macdonald hello kitty toy, he said " Oh no! Kitty can't talk because she doesn't have a mouth!" So cute! 


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