Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Audition - Music Talent Developement Centre

A pleasant surprise from L! Hmmm.. Coz I often 'complain' she is too noisy, singing all the time (even before she joins Choir)! Haha.. We received this letter from school yesterday to inform us that L was selected by her Choir teachers to go for the audition.

I did a check online but couldn't find any info at all. Glad that her teacher called and gave me more info about it. This is a relatively new, hence no info was found online. The school was invited to send 5 students each from Choir & Chinese Orchestra for the audition. I was curious why L was selected, since she just joined choir. Teacher explained that she was her music teacher since P3 and have heard her sings. She thinks L is good enough for the audition and it will be a good exposure for her. If she is selected, she will undergo one year training and she could use it as a DSA to enter secondary school.

Hubs & I discussed with L and think no harm going for the audition, even though she does not have any experience or proper training. We are happy that her teacher think so well of her.

L went for the audition and she was not selected. She was very nervous and she couldn't hum one of the tune. It's ok. Throughout this time, I appreciate her teacher, Ms Chow, for the encouragement and updates. The 'good' news is that Ms Chow intend to submit her name again for next year audition! Thank you for thinking so highly of my girl.


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