Wednesday, February 09, 2011

CCAs & Bento #234 (2 Sets)

In the boxes: Homemade jellies, grapes and purple wheat noodle with spinach & sliced fishcake.

I have no idea what to prepare for the kids today and I forgot to ask them last night. Aiyo... So lazy mommy simply cooked purple wheat noodle for them. I will try make better bento for both of you the next time ok?


Today is the FIRST day my kiddos stayed back together for CCA! After 3 years in primary, L decided to join Choir beginning of this year. She hasn't been able to make up her mind for the past few years, she can't decide if she wants to join table tennis, Chinese dance, Chinese Orchestra or choir. It was fine with us. What most important is that she enjoys it and able to cope with her studies as well.

Before entering primary school, Z already told us he wants to join Chess Club, back then, we didn't know it was not one of the CCAs. It was an outsource programme. He was a little disappointed it wasn't a CCA. So when he was in primary one, we told him what we have told L, take his time to decide which CCAs he wants.

To our surprise, he wants to join Chinese Orchestra (CO) so he can learn to play 二胡 ! All thanks to his cousin, BY, for letting my kids tried playing with it. What made him so happy today was the coach actually did select him to play that instrument! (The coach didn't know that Z wanted to play it.)

I was a little concern initially... I didn't expect CO practice need 3 hrs! L's choir practice only 2 hrs. I was worried that he will be too tired or dozed off during practice and L may not be able take it, having to wait for his brother for another hr. Well, my concern was uncalled for. L finished her homework while waiting and Z was full of energy after the practice. When I asked them if it was too tired for them, both said "NO! We enjoyed it!" The only complaint is that they want me to pack extra snacks for their break.

Perhaps it's a little too soon that I asked. Maybe some time later I will ask them again, see if their enthusiasm still there.


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