Wednesday, February 23, 2011

His New Bed

Few days ago, we went to Ikea to get him a bed. Love to go Ikea on a weekday! Beanie has the whole children section to himself! He was also busied trying out all the different toddler bed.

We thought he would love it, since he often sleep on his siblings' bed. When it was bedtime, he was quite reluctant to go to his new bed. He went to jiejie's bed, then to gorgor's bed. We managed to get him to his new bed after placing all his favourite soft toys at the bed head. Thereafter, my babies 'hopped' onto each others' bed for a while before he wants mommy's milk.

The next day morning, we found him sleeping with jiejie on her bed! Think it's gonna takes him some time to get used to the new bed.


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