Monday, February 21, 2011

Bento #239 - SpongeBob & Learning Journey to Hydroponics Farm

In the boxes: Ham sandwiches, ham flower, rock melon, raspberries & grapes

Bought the spongeBob sandwich maker recently and I was happy that I could use it for today's bento-s!

Z had a field trip to the Hydroponics Farm and he was so looking forward to it. He was also the one that asked for SpongeBob sandwich. He was so happy when teacher commented that he had a 'cute' bento. Ok.... Actually it was only SpongeBob sandwich that made it look 'cute'. If only my kids asked for this everyday, I won't have to 'crack' my brain to think of what to prepare for them. *lazy mommy*

We gave Z extra money and he brought home 2 pot of plants. According to him, he had to 'fight' with another classmate for these. Haha... He refused to let his friend have it coz he wanted me to have it. So sweet isn't he?


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