Sunday, February 06, 2011

CNY 2011

Every CNY, we would be out of the house the whole day. Spent our times with family members, relatives as well as visiting friends. I feel so FAT after each day! With so much good food and CNY snacks, how not to put on weight?

Here's pics of my kids for the past few days!
1st Day of CNY - we visited both side of our parents.

2nd Day - My kiddos had a chance to try out their cousin's 二胡.

Everyone began to feel tired but still looked forward to the gathering.
For 3 days, we had 鱼生!LZ enjoyed the tossing!

Oh! For the record, we finally had a chance to have our own reunion dinner tonight!  Late better than never.  Heee... 
Looking forward to another gathering for the coming weekend!


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