Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Ear Is swollen!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Poor boy... This morning he work up with a swollen ear and a bruise on his forehead(he knocked his head last night). Thought it may subside in the afternoon but it didn't... Brought him bk from school to see a doctor(our family doc). Doc said it was a insect bite, gave him cream to apply and medicine to take.

I asked him abt L's cough too coz she has been having it for 2 wks! L still cough a little(probably abt 2/3 times a day, esp after running for awhile). He said she should be ok and I should continue with her medication. Haiz... I find myself not doing a gd job that 1 has been coughing and the other with bruise & swollen ear... Hope they will recover soon.....

Z woke up abt half hr ago.... First thing he asked for was to watch his fav show, Madagascar. He knew that a sick baby has privilege, to have what he wants. Now he's watching tv and having his snack.


My Rays said...

last time Rayner also like that, mozzies seem to like to bite his ears so he always ended up with Dumbo ears all the time...

MyBabies said...

Dun knw if it's mozzies leh... Ask doc, he said it is insect may not be mozzies... Haiz... Whatever it is, I HATE it!

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