Sunday, April 23, 2006

22 April, Saturday, Blading/Trip to the Market

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This morning, daddy brought L to east coast for blading lesson. No video, as daddy does not know how to use his new hp. Hmmm... Think I'll have to go the next time if I want to see how is she doing for the lesson. Daddy said the the next lesson we will have to book later coz L was tired(lesson was at 0830hr). Haiz... Mommy's fault.

Daddy picked us up after her lesson, then we went to the market. It was Z 1st trip to the market. They get to see all the seafood , meat & vegetables. After that, we went to the market to have our brunch. L had her fav food, char siew rice and Z had chix rice. We also went to this store that sell baking items. I was very happy to find m & m that is for baking and pink choc chip! If we have time tomorrow, will bake biscuits with them. Both were very tired that they slept in the car. We wanted to go to the reservior for a walk but decided to head bk home.

In the evening, we were supposed to go to the beach but daddy came home late, so we went to Liang Court instead. I haven't been there for such a long time! There isn't much to see except Meidi-ya supermarket. Thought of going to clarke quay for a walk but it was getting late. Both were very tired when we got home and they slept as soon as they have showered.


My Rays said...

hello....chanced upon your blog and realised our kids are almost the same age....cheers

My Rays said...

not only our kids are around the same age, they use the same water bottle, and we use the same bravenet counter leh....kekekekek

MyBabies said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!
Yup! Great mind think alike!

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