Friday, June 04, 2010

Dinner @ Putien

 This is our first time having dinner at Putien (not for Daddy).  Friends & LZdaddy told me the food is good but babies & I never get to try it till today.  Simply because we had early dinner, otherwise we will have to wait if we go there half hour later.  I'm not that patient when comes to waiting.

My babies enjoyed their dinner.  In the video, Beanie nods his head and looks like he agrees with me.

I was impressed by the service, especially the waiter.  When LZdaddy casually mentioned that we often change our mind having dinner because of the queue,  he gave us his number!  He told us he will reserves a table for us if we plan to have our meal there again!  The when he asked about the service, LZdaddy told him what he thought of the noodle.  He gave us vouchers!  Is this their usual service?  I am impressed!  Putien did a great job in training their staffs.   We will definitely be back often to the restaurant.


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