Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Prince & Princess Are Here!

I was very surprised when Z asked if he could go for the prince/princess makeover.  He is not one that care much about his appearance before this! Haha... 

He can't stand the makeup but liked the glitters on his hair. 

L never had a makeover before and I know she would love to go for this.  I surprised her by signing her up for the makeover too. 

My girl liked the way they pin her hair up and the glitters too. AND of coz the makeup too. 
Here's the free makeover pics!  My 2 gorgeous kids! *proud mommy*
While they busied being treated like a 'royal', I was very busy recording the whole process and taking care of Beanie. I would love to sign him up for this too when the staff told me that he can go for it.  But I doubt he would stand still for the photographer to take pic.  Hehe...


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