Saturday, June 05, 2010

Who Loves Bob?

This picture is for my Beanie!   He loves Bob!  Bob is one of the first words that he knows how to say.  Whenever he sees Bob's pic on my pc, he points and says "BOB! BOB! ...."  Haha...  Nowadays, cutting nails for him is quite easy.  I just have to go to youtube and plays the Bob's song.  Bob must be with him when he sleeps!  When he gets into the car, he points at the screen and ask for Bob too!

I have been trying to look for more Bob's stuffs for him but can't seems to find any. Soft toy, figurines, books.  He will be thrilled if he sees more.  I think Bob is no longer the 'IN' thing to own now but I will still try to find it for him.

Wonder if he will still like Bob next year?  I may have to get him a Bob the builder birthday cake again.  Hehe...


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