Monday, June 28, 2010

Beanie @ 16 Months Old

Pics taken on 25th Jun.

Beanie went for checkup and jabs today.  He is such a tough boy!  When he had his jabs, all he did was frown!

I am VERY HAPPY today!  Not only that Beanie turns 16 months old, I found out that he is above 97%!!! When DOC was checking his weight & height on the chart, he said "WOW!" and asked if I have been feeding him too much oily & fried food!  Haha... 

@16 Months:

Weight: 12.5kg
Height: 80cm
Head Cir: 46.6cm

Pics were taken when he is very grouchy. I have since learned to let him nap for at least half hour before feeding him his meal.
He loves to scribbles (think I have mentioned this before)!  See?  He can even 'draws' when he squatting!   He knows where to grab the papers & pencils/pens.  Sometimes if I am cooking, he does that in the kitchen.  Yes, he lies down on the kitchen floor too!  Haha... 
when we sing "twinkle twinkle little star", he opens & closes his hands.
whenever he sees we have an umbrella with us, he insist on taking it.
  He is able to point to his face features when we ask him.  Eyes, nose, mouth, ear, hands, legs and tummy too.
  He likes to play with his belly button. He laughs when we ask him to stop.
♥  He takes the bowl to the kitchen when he finishes his snacks.
he knows where to get his snacks when he's hungry/feel like munching.  Eg. When he wants mini pancakes, he tries to open the freezer (our freezer is at the bottom) and when he wants cheese, he tries to open the fridge.
  When he does/achieves something, he knows I always clap or cheer for him.  Now, he wants the whole family to say "YEAH!" with our hands all up.  He doesn't care if we are in public, he insist all of us to do it.  Yup!   So if you see a family that does that in public, that could be us! Haha...
He watches TV for a very short time, sometimes only for 10mins or less. The only time he watches it for longer than that would be in the car. He enjoys watching the CD which I got it free many years ago (teaches face features, etc).  When he get into the car, he will point to the screen (telling me he wants to watch it).


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